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Sean Wall Charter Flukes 9/14/14

Capt  Rich  Had good buddy  Sean Wall and family out for  some fluking   the boys  put a nice  catch together ......


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Weinberg Fluke 8/29/2014

Capt Rich  and Capt.  Dave  had  Paul Weinberg  out for  some   1/2 day flukig .....   it was no  record breaker but they came home with some  filets


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Rich GoldBerg Bluefin 8/10/14

Capt.  Rich  and Capt.  Dave  had  Rich Goldberg  and crew out for  some  Bluefin Tuna action...     Crew  Caught a bunch of  Bluefin  , Mackerel   and  bonito  and  a yellowfin    Crew  came home with a bunch of meat.....

Thanks again Rich    hope to see you again


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08/09/2014 Stankewicz Tuna Bust

Capt Rich and Capt  Dave  had Joe Stankewicz  aboard for a day  troll  that turned into day  chunking..   Capt  Rich and crew could not  buy a bite    until  the  end of the  trip when capt  rich threw a chunk out on  a  jigging  rod and they hooked up  a lond 1 hour battle turned into  disappointment  when the fish broke off.    Sorry Guys  hope to have you out again.....


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