Friday, August 17, 2018


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Fenando's Striper Bust 5/6/14

Capt.  Rich  and Uncle Pete  Had  Fernando Santiago and his group out for  some striped bass fishing.  The  whole  crew had high hopes  after the  catch  Captain Rich Put together  late last week..  Capt. Rich  Looked around the area  he left them biting just days before but he did not  find any thing,  so they steamed up to the bay and started to clam  had a few  run offs but nothing came  tight .   Capt  gave order to pull anchor  and go on the  troll  still no luck...   Fernando and his buddies were good sports and  accepted the fact  every day cant be  a  record breaker ..  On the  ride in  Frenando booked a seabass charter for later this month ...

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