Friday, August 17, 2018


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Open Boat Stripers 5/4/14

Had a few shop regulars out on the Jersey Hooker today for a full day Open Boat 6am-6pm Dock to Dock... Mike Z, Harris, Eric, Donnie Diamond, "New Guy" Craig, Dave and Chuckie working deck ...... Headed up to the bay had a slow pick of bass on clams terrible conditions fish were very finicky .... looked @ my log book made a Hail Mary run around 1:30 and it paid off Dumped the Maja #4's out and it was lights out fishing 20 fish to 35# coming into the boat in less than a hour and a half ..... Guys begged for my forgiveness and we went home !!!! They did not want to Catch and release any more fish !!!!!!

new for 2014 Jersey Hooker is sailing 12 hour full day trips unless noted otherwise

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Capt Rich


We have one open spot tomorrow stripers all day 6am-6pm clamming jigging trolling what ever it takes to fill the boxes !!!
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