Friday, August 17, 2018


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Thursday - Sunday Recap ...
8/15 Ron Noble Charter .... worst day of fluking ever no real action for use threw everything we had @ them worked really had produced 2 keepers... Terrible trip..... 8/16 day troll spencer went looking for the water but it wasnt there went 0-2 on whites hooked one faught him for a few minuets and pulled his eye ball out of its socket 0-1 on Big Eye Tuna put too much heat on him and popped the leader ...... 8/17 Point Pleasant VFW Family Fluking Frenzy final count 13 keeper size flukes 3 biggest fish was 6.6 , 5.1, 4.2 not large enough to place ... Had a bluefin Troll in the book for sunday pulled the plug on it due to the weather.. Customer is very picky with his weather ...

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