Friday, August 17, 2018


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Gary Adler Charter Day Troll And The Wolf Pack

Got a phone call from Good Customer / Friend Gary Adler  asking if there was a weather window to head off shore.   We left the dock at midnight with the Gary Adler Charter, cruised our way out to the hudson in hopes of coming up with some big eyes or yellowfin on the troll, pulled into a parking lot around 4:45 am and pushed further east, set up on the troll in the dark and continued to troll for hours with a few skippies and some stupid yellowfin missing the hook baits and swimming off.

After a few hours, we make a turn and all of a sudden three rods go down hard, we clear lines, start working all three fish around, after about 30 minutes or 40 minutes we get the first fish to the corner, BIG EYE, grab leader and fish was hooked deep, chafed off, we did get the "release" as the leader was in hand, now we go to work on the other two, one takes me up and around the bow and then back into the pit, fight continues and we get one up along the side of the boat, leader in hand, first gaff in head, second gaff in head, and pull, fish hits the deck ends up being 161 lbs at Hoffmans, second fish is being stubborn, on the fish for 2 hours now, never have I ever seen a fish so damn stubborn in my life, went around, Lou Derosa, Gary, Mike Bauer, Nick, Capt. Rich, myself, we all took a turn on this beast, bones put some serious heat on this fish and i comment his little self for hanging tight for a while! the fish would not give in, got leader 2 times and had color for a while but the fish would not come up a bit, take 10 cranks, loose 20 ft, this went on for a while and about the 2 hour and 20 minute mark, myself and captain Rich decide it is time to put the heat on this fish, i took rod, got him up close with full drag and pressure, hand off to rich so i could help stick the pig, fish dives, and rich gets the double line in the reel and decided it was time to stop this pig. Thumbs on the spool to make sure that double line does not getting taken out again, finally we get the fish to leader again, swim him up, gaff in da head, second gaff in da head, pull em through the door, GAME OVER. Clean the boat and head back to the dock.

Official weight at Hoffmans was 170lbs and 161lbs, we went 3 for 3, and boated 2/3 hahah

We will count the first one as a release, since it was leadered.

Gary and Mike chartered the boat this trip, and man they did an incredible job on these fish, The group effort and the silence in the cockpit while the fish were being fought and boated, the way everyone worked together, no one raised voice other then cursing at the stubborn fish, cockpit was like a well oiled machine, nice when you can put two experienced fishermen (gary and mike) along with a good crew of the boat, and it just works out amazing!

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