Friday, August 17, 2018


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Striper / Tautog Charter 12/10/11

Open Trip 12/10/11 Jon Frankel, Jonathan Caola, John S., Bruno, Pat Dellemore, and our 6th angler never showed but did text in the am apologized and said he was not going to make it so.. 6 am we left the Canyon River Club Stopped on some marks off the E&S No Bites ..... Steamed up to the Rocks Birds every where first drift all bass but only two keepers = ( much smaller fish  than we have been catching. Second drift all bass and 1 blue and then the blues just kept coming and coming... Well it was some of the best Jig Fishing I have seen all season. It was lock and load just would have liked to see more stripes ...  We just need to remind our selves its Mid December .....  Estimation of  35 bass with only 4 keepers and just as many bluefish .  Got set up on a good piece off long branch for some blackfishing but either the bite was off or The Fish Monger caught em all ... We made a couple shifts and moves a couple shorts a couple keepers scratchy sniffy bite stopped off @ the church 3 of my favorite  holy piles were taken so i went for the big mama but it wasn't our day couple shorts off this one by that time it was time to go ... Also we cannot forget to thank our special Guest Bill Carroll and as always I could not do it with out Baby Jesus.

The bass are still here and we will run trips if any one is interested .... Shop 732-903-6904  Cell 732-688-8804

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