Friday, August 17, 2018


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Striper Charter Short Of a Limit 11/13/11

Had another open boat  out  got  a late start    Mike Cemino , Wife Dawn , Son George , Kevin Romano  ( Precision Surf Tackle) ,  David Stoltis and his friend.  Stopped on some life on the way south  picked a couple Blues and  a Bass...   South wind increased  conditions worsened...  Had to put the hooker on  the troll   had a few shots at striped ones   lots of shorts   had  7 keepers in the box   I was shooting for  at least  a boat limit .....   but it was our day  I point the boat north and trolled  picking some blues then we  got a shot @ some  stripes   2   more in the box then we had another shot and put 1 more keeper in the box and two shorts ....      the  crew oped to go in  because  the seas were really picking up ......     Tough day of fishing ....  ended up with  10 keeper bass and a dozen blue fish ....

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