Friday, August 17, 2018


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Mark Liebs Canyon Tuna Charter 10/8-10/9

Mark Liebes  had the Jersey Hooker out for  a 30 hour Canyon Tuna Charter on Saturday October 8th  - Sunday October 9th.  Capt. Rich , Mates Nick and Bart and the Liebes Party set sail for the Spencer Canyon 96 miles  south east of  Manasquan Inlet New Jersey. Mother Nature Treated the crew with flat calm seas for the whole ride out.  With Five miles left till they hit the tip of the Spencer  Capt. Rich Spotted a  1/2 Mile by 1/2 mile school of porpoise jumping and feeding on bait fish.  Mates  Nick and Bart  Swiftly deployed a  lethal spread  within 45 minuets the  charter had gone 4 for 5 on yellow fin tuna up to 40 pounds ...   Couple hours  later  the crew was on the chunk.....  Approximately 8:30 pm all hell broke loose crew  went 5 for 11   then the bite died off  with just  a  runoff here and there  then as the run was starting to rise   mayhem broke loose  4  5 and even 6  Tuna  on @ a time  jigs, sardines and  butterfish after the smoke settled the crew had 6 yellowfin on the deck up to 50 pounds .  The  crew went back on the troll  and were not able to  locate anymore hungry tuna....  Headed for home by 9:30am

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