Friday, August 17, 2018


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Chritain Liccciardi and Family 30 Hour Tuna Charter 7/16-7/17

We  pleased to host Christian Licciardi  and his family on  a 30 hour canyon tuna  Chunk Troll Combo July 16-17.  We were  greeted with  excellent sea conditions to start the day off nice smooth ride out  ....   We had a very very  slow day along with most of the  other boats in the  fleets small   Yellowfin Tuna Not even Legal size to keep ....  Well to make a long story short  the  Licciardis  Patients paid off around 5pm  7/16 while  trolling   one of the  rods started   to  sing  after an  hour and  10 minuet fight and  the  rod being passed through every member of the  charter   as well as out Mate  Nick Graciano ... We had a 184 pound Big Eye Tuna on the deck ......   We trolled around for another 2 hours  with one knock down that never came tight .. sporty sea conditions for the night  with just two run offs ...  Got up on  the troll in the morning and   had  some  short YFT and  a skip jack .....

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