Friday, August 17, 2018


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Mike Burkhorn Charter 12/04/10 Striped Bass

We had Mike Burkhorn  and three pals aboard for some  striper fishing . It was a slow day  and never got that 8th fish to limit the boys out. I give them a lot of  credit sticking it out  very windy and it made it frigid.... We just did not have the fish marks to warrant jigging on them. So we broke out a selection of trolling lures and  the  white Sportfish Products shads being trolled  30' down  any where between 2.5 knots to 4 knots produced.  We had one fish come on a white Tony Maja #1 bunker spoon.  We like to thank Mike and his  pals for booking us were looking forward to fishing with you in the spring... 

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