Friday, August 17, 2018


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Scott Edwards Charter 11/20/10

Original Plans were to head up north and hammer some togg....  Scott and the  boys wanted to  Striper fish as well. Headed south to where the bass were on Friday. Tons of gator blues  and two bass.  drift after drift  moving around the fleet trying to find the concentration of bass...... We hit a spot  that I use to fish off seaside all the time and had some surprising seabass life  and some pork chops  some doggies mixed in all of a sudden the black fish started to chew we pulled one keeper off the spot   and a boat load of shorties .....  Moved up north a little to another natural spot  very large piece there was another boat drifting around it  i had no idea  what he was doing tried to reach him on the vhf   no answer so i dropped the hook  and he started yelling  i guess he owned that piece..  we fished it a  little bite a few scratches  but no toggers .  made a drop on the south side of the axel   some scratches but a funny bite  re positioned on this spot cause i thought for sure it was gonna go wide open... it didn't I convinced the guys to make one more drop and we had instant togg action  shorts and shorts  then a boxer by that point the crew was ready to call it quits.  Lots of action yesterday had to work hard for your keepers..  Thank you  Scott and Friends

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