Friday, August 17, 2018


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Hirsh Boys and Gary Adler Beat Up On Some Jersey Blues

Tuesday August 31st
The Hirsh Boys Steve, Carl,Matthew and their friend Gary Adler wanted to get in
on some bluefish action. Previously scheduled a trip aboard the Jersey Hooker but
the hooker is out of commission for a few days undergoing extensive warranty work.
The boys jump aboard the Hardways,
Captain Jay Andrews at the helm, Capt. Rich Wilkowski Working the cockpit.
The Hardways steamed out to the bluefish grounds. The bite was slow at first
so Captain Jay suggested dropping the leader size down because the water was
so clean after that!!!!! all four anglers were hooked up at once it was none stop
blue fishing all day. They guys lost count but Capt. Rich says they released near
50 bluefish with only keep 4 for the table.
Captain Rich and Jay would like to thank the Hish Boys And Gary Adler for a great time.

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