Friday, August 17, 2018


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Anthony Lawton Inshore Tuna Charter

Sunday August 29th Anthony lawton had the Jersey Hooker
Chartered for an inshore bluefin tuna troll. Due to warranty
issues the Jersey hooker was not able to make the trip so Capt
Rich moved the charter over to the Hardways. Captain Rich has
a working relationship with the owner and skipper. The Hardway set sail
for the bluefin grounds at 5:30 am Sunday morning with Captain Jay Andrews
at the helm and Captain Rich working deck. They arrived at the tuna grounds
there was tons of life, bait balls on the sounder, herds of whales and porpoise.
About a half hour into the troll the  starboard outside rigger pops and the reel
starts to hummm... It was a blue and white islander rigged with a ballyhoo
after about a 15 minuet fight the fish came unbuttoned. Some time
later the center rigger pops  it was WWB with blue and white islander
ballyhoo combo fish was peeling off line  after a couple minuets of peeling
line off the reel Capt. Rich threw the reel into full drag and they started gaining line back
after about 10 or 15 minuets of gaining line back the hook pulled.. The hook bent......
Back on the  troll and the crew got spreaded with bluefish..  The Captains Decided to move offshore
The found reel nice water and trolled for about an hour with no signs of life then bamb they were hooked up..
10 minuets later a  yellowfin hits the deck..  Captain Jay continued to work this area for the rest of the day the
crew ended up going 4 for 5 on yellowfin to 70 pounds..... Thank you!! Anthony and friends!!!

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